CRT therapy and ICD therapy

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Your cardiologist may recommend treatment that combines cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) and an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) if you have suffered from heart failure. This treatment method is suitable for patients who experience poor ejection fraction (lower than 35 percent) – the amount of blood that is pumped out of the left ventricle – and those who are at risk of irregular and severe heart rhythm, which can lead to further issues. The therapy may also be recommended for the following patients:
  • Those with symptoms of severe heart failure
  • Those who are taking medication to treat heart failure
  • Those with a history of cardiac arrest
  • Those at risk of cardiac arrest
  • Those with a delayed electrical activation of the heart
The cardiac device works by combining biventricular pacing and antitachycardia pacing, with internal defibrillators. In this way, treatment can be delivered as necessary. A combination of CRT and ICD therapy will do the following:
  • Resynchronize the heartbeat
  • Slow down and prevent abnormal heart rhythm
  • Record heart rate and rhythm
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