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  • Kenneth Ball
    Dear Dr Thomas I am penning a heartfelt message of "thanks" for all that you have done for my wife, Beverley. From the moment we first met you on 18 January, you explained your plan for her, the 2 options you had and how you intended to proceed. We were both comforted and had great confidence in you and the way forward. This confidence has only been increased subsequent to the pacemaker procedure on 18 February! So, once again, thank you most sincerely for the care, love, professionalism - it is greatly appreciated! Sincerely Kenneth Ball [also on behalf of Beverley]
    Kenneth Ball
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for everything. My heart is behaving beautifully, you have truly given me the best gift. Enjoy your year end.
  • Jodi Lawrence
    Hello Dr Thomas. It is Jodi Lawrence. Everything is going well - my heart rate has been really great and stable. The extra beats are also not noticeable unless I am walking. No bleeding,  just bruising. Thank you for your help. Regards, Jodi
    Jodi Lawrence
  • Peter
    Hi Doctor Thomas, Thank you so much for attending to me and for sorting out my pulsing. Great job which is very much appreciated.Very professional service and your bedside manner is impeccable. Your team was great. I have every confidence in your capabilities and was very pleased to be referred to you. I was also very impressed with the facilities and staff at Vincent Palloti And thank you for letting me be discharged yesterday evening. I was feeling just fine but was really not happy with all the coughing and spluttering going on the the ward. Not the patients fault I know but I didnt think I could manage another night there. So I appreciate the early discharge and you sorting out the script for the blood thinners. I can report I am feeling great. I had a very good nights sleep. I collected my blood thinners this morning and had my blood pressure checked. 111/71 Pulse is a bit low- around 64 but I normally do have a good low pulse around 70 There is the odd irregular missed beat but this is normal for me and the last specialist told me not to be concerned. Hope you feel the same My catheter entry wound seems just fine. There is a bit of bruising but I am sure that is to be expected. No bleeding or discomfort. So I will make an appointment to see you again in 2 months time as discussed Thanks again. Regards
  • Janine

  • Trevor
    It’s been 3 weeks since my heart ablation surgery was performed by Dr. Vinod Thomas and his team, and I wish to express my utmost gratitude and respect for all involved who performed this procedure on me: I also wish to add that Dr. Thomas and his assistant Human ( Surname  ) explain in as much detail as one requires what it is they do, but most importantly, their report back after the operation allowed me to understand just how meticulously they executed the procedure. I’m very thankful to have met you and your team Dr. Thomas; in my opinion I couldn’t have chosen a more qualified and talented surgeon. All is good! The fibrillations are gone!! I hope this letter finds you and your staff in good spirits!
  • Kathlee
    Dear Dr Thomas and team Thank you so much for your very kind and patient care of me and my PVC's. You are a very skilled team and I am lucky to have benefited from your expertise. Thank you for answering all my questions and for taking the time to make sure I was comfortable. This card was handmade in Madagascar and like the lady dancing on the front, I hope to be dancing my way up the Canadian Rockies! Kind Regards
  • Liz and Family
    Good day Dr Thomas I am just writing to tell you how grateful we are that you were the doctor assigned to Arthur Taylor  after he suffered his stroke and cardiac event. Because God could not be everywhere, he made sure that we have Dr’s like you who have the gift of healing mankind. This has been a very difficult time for our family, but it could have been much worse without your dedication and expertise. My family and I are truly grateful for the level of care you were able to administer to my husband and father. The work you do is so important.  May you continue to excel at your work in every way possible. From the ER, ICU right down to the cleaning staff at N1 and to your assistant Fiona Smit, we thank each and every one for all you did during his stay in hospital. My family and I will never forget what you've done for us. God bless
    Liz and Family
  • Beverly
    Dear Dr Thomas, I am writing to thank you for your huge effort with my operation and to tell you that apart from a dull ache in my leg where the tubes went in and feeling a little tired, I am otherwise all well. Even went for a tentative bodyboard this morning.
  • Irene

    Just want to thank you for a very successful operation and giving me my quality of life back.   I am now home and feeling stronger every day.    Thanks also to your wonderful team in Cat Lab.    I found it an amazing experience, scary, painful, funny, very caring and lots of dedicated work.  Its so good to see my h b being normal.   I just wanted to say I left hospital with no medication, is that correct so I have taken an aspirin everyday.

    Thanks once again and to you Fiona you were a star. Best wishes
  • Jennifer

    A big thank you for all your care and focus last week Wednesday. It was a marathon day for all involved. The kindness show to me by the whole team was amazing. Please thank the nurses, radiologist, anesthetist and Human for all they did for me.

    I felt very supported and heard by everyone. Please especially thank the anesthetist for looking after my neck (it's never felt better;) and Human for his suggestion of reducing my fluids to bring on the arrhythmia. Thank you for your diligence, skill, patience and compassion for my husband and me. I am feeling pretty good, the pain in my chest and groin mostly gone. I'm tired (to be expected) and I have little stamina. My heart seems to be behaving. More consistent than I've ever known it to be, just a bit faster (according to Fitbit my resting pulse has gone from mid 50's to low 60's).

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